logowpOur Company : METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY SA was established in 2016 and it is specialized in the fields of Electronics Engineering, IoT, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, all adapted to the specific requirements of Global Maritime.  METIS is strengthened by a team of skillful engineers and researchers with considerable, in-depth knowledge and experience. Olympia Group, with high-scale, multinational investments in several sectors like Telecoms, Retail, Wholesale and Industrial.

Our Name : METIS means wisdom and the ability to think and to give advice. In Homer’s Odyssey with the adjectives multimode and resourceful, the poet presents us the basic feature of Ulysses, his intellectual ingenuity and inventive mind. With these properties, he faced all crucial moments and outweighed the obstacles encountered. Such ingeniuos intellect, in Homer, but also in other writers is called METIS. METIS represents man’s ultimate weapon and his ability to perceive, to evaluate situations and devise the best solution to address the problems. Maritime Efficiency Through Intelligent Systems

Our Vision : Our vision is to set high expertise and innovative thinking in the Information Intelligence field at the disposal of global Maritime Transportation in order to strengthen the safety of maritime routes, minimize the impact on the environment and reduce the transport cost of products and people

Our Mission : The development of products that will apply the technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Maritime Transportation, playing a leading role in the inevitable evolution of Maritime Sector that induces rapid technological progress in all aspects of human activity.

The Digital Transformation in Maritime : METIS sets Information Intelligence at the disposal of Global Maritime. METIS has been designed and implemented to address the requirements of Technical & Operations Departments of Maritime Companies.  METIS incorporates fully automated, accurate and reliable Data Acquisition combined with high-grade Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis supported by Artificial Intelligence.  METIS platform is a Cloud Space enriched with reliable information and advanced expertise, where every involved person, any automated system and software tool harmoniously collaborate to meet their expectations. METIS can take over the tedious, time-consuming procedures and actions that require high expertise and special training, ensuring more productive time for the personnel of the Maritime Companies. METIS capitalizes on recent advances in IoT, Cloud Computing and Social Networking Cloud technologies to deliver products enabling the integrated management of the maritime resources by encompassing all different stakeholders e.g., captain, chief engineer, crew, ship owners, suppliers.

The system relies on the novel idea of virtual cloud-based agents, which analyze operational or engineering processes and provide useful feedback in the form of analysis conclusions and events detection reporting to multiple users.  METIS Agents are highly experienced Virtual Personal Assistants, that can work restlessly 365/24/7 and automatically inform the appropriate employee in the proper way and at the right time. All information is provided in real time through a conversational user interface specifically adapted to the requirements of the maritime sector.