A unique concept in Greece and Cyprus

Public was created in 2005, introducing a unique concept into Greece and Cyprus. In a few short years, the Public stores have succeeded in building a trusting relationship with Greek and Cypriot consumers, becoming a favourite brand.
The first Public store opened in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, and employed a staff of 50. Today, the chain has 55 stores in Greece and Cyprus, and two online stores (www.public.gr and www.public-cyprus.com.cy, respectively), with a total of 1,700 employees.

Every year, Public welcomes more that 66 million visitors: some 25 million to its network of physical stores and over 41 million to its e-commerce channels, serving consumers through its multi-channel system. Via its e-commerce channels alone, it manages over 1,260,000 online orders, and its call centre takes over 115,000 orders. The chain responds annually to over 240,000 questions from over 1 million followers on social media.

Public is continuing to innovate through the creation of the first Greek Marketplace, which is changing the game on Greece’s e-commerce map. Through a €1 million investment in the top global platform Marketplace, it is transforming public.gr, the ultimate e-commerce destination, into a huge online mall that hosts small and large Greek shops.

At Public, the choices are endless. With a range of products numbering at least 1,156,000 – and being constantly updated – the Public stores offer a vast selection and price range of smart phones, PCs and peripherals, televisions, wearables, home and gaming products, audio products, books, toys and children’s products, music, movies, school products, baby products, graphics supplies, and more.

The warm and modern spaces of the Public stores invite visitors to discover the range of products and are encouraged to ‘experience’ them first hand. Specifically, the visitor can enjoy a live test of technological devices, leaf through books, play in the interactive gaming zones, watch free events and purchase tickets to the most important shows in the city.
Aiming to be a reference point in the local communities where they are active, the Public stores hold over 1,000 free educational events and seminars throughout Greece. Among other things, the Public stores hold book presentations every month, inviting major Greek and foreign writers, distinguished scientists, academics and critics to speak. They also host a variety of technology-related events, including exclusive product presentations, debates and seminars on the use of technology, on photography, youth entrepreneurship and the use of social media.