Public: 54 stores in Greece and in Cyprus

Public is a unique concept for the Greek market

Public was created in 2005, introducing a unique concept to Greece. In just a few years, Public has managed to “build bridges” with Greek and Cypriot consumers, gaining their trust and respect.


The first Public store opened in the municipality of Pylaia, Thessaloniki, and had 50 employees. Today, Public operates 54 stores in Greece and Cyprus, as well as 2 online stores ( and respectively, while employing 1,700 employees.

Each year, more than 25 million people walk through our doors, and more than 40 million guests visit us online.

Public has emerged as a preferred brand for Greek consumers, thanks to the quality services we provide, combined with the entertainment experience and an wide range of technological and entertainment products

At Public, choices are unlimited. With a constantly updated collection of 1,156,000 products, we offer a wide selection and a broad price range in smartphones, computers and peripherals, televisions, wearables, homeware, gaming products, sound products, books, toys and children’s accessories, music, films, school supplies, baby products, office supplies etc.

The modern and cosy store environment invites customers to discover our wide range of products and encourages a hands-on experience. More specifically, customers can try out technological devices in person, flip through the pages of the books they find interesting, play games at the interactive gaming zones, watch various events for free, and purchase tickets to the city’s major events.

Aiming to become a point of reference for the local communities in which we are active, Public hosts more than 1,000 free events and educational seminars, both in Athens and beyond. Among other events, book presentations are organized monthly, inviting acclaimed Greek and foreign authors, distinguished scientists, scholars, journalists and critics. At the same time, our stores host a wide variety of technological events, such as exclusive product presentations, discussions and seminars pertaining to the use of technology, photography, young entrepreneurship, the use of social media etc.