Investment of € 4 million in the Tech Shipping Start Up “METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY”

The company “METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY S.A.” offers innovative technological services and solutions for the shipping sector.

Olympia Group announces a new investment in a technological startup active in the shipping sector, the company “METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY S.A.”. Specifically, Olympia Group acquires 80% of the company “METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY S.A.” in which the Group plans to invest the amount of € 4 million over the 2-year period 2018 – 2019.

METIS specializes in the fields of the Electronic Engineering, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and the Artificial Intelligence in an effort to serve and fulfill the needs of the Global Shipping Industry. The company offers an innovative tech solution on a global level which allows shipping companies to monitor in real time the conditions as well as the status of their ships regardless of their location, meaning in any place across the planet.

karafotakis1-mbqwpitx341v5jmw1h6q8umgea80xt8aym9hy6yr60Mr. K. Karafotakis, CEO of Olympia Group stated the following regarding this new investment: “The system of METIS was exclusively developed by a team of Greek scientists with great experience as well as understanding of the needs and requirements of the shipping industry. The idea of establishing the company METIS started from the desire of this team of scientists and mechanics to create an innovative technological solution which will revolutionize the shipping sector, an industry with great contribution into the Greek economy. Our investment plan, amounting to € 4 million over the period 2018 – 2019, aims at the greater expansion of METIS which having its base in Greece will be in a position to expand its activities all over the world, wherever there is any form of shipping activity”.

The innovative solution METIS (Maritime Efficiency Through Intelligent Systems) is based on the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, taking advantage of technologies relating to Wireless Networks and Smart Devices. In this context, the solution provides the ship owner with the ability to monitor and be fully informed about the operation and the status of the ship in real time from the headquarters of the shipping company. In other words the METIS solution places, essentially in a simple manner, the Artificial Intelligence at the service of shipping industry by monitoring uninterruptedly tens of parameters of the ship, with the aim to become in a practice a “personal assistant” (or a Virtual Digital Assistant) placed at the service of the shipping market and the ship’s crew.

METIS has already achieved partnerships with leading companies of the international shipping industry, belonging to both Greek as well as foreign interests. In the context of its development, the company will proceed with the expansion of its workforce within the year 2018, namely to 35 employees from 22 employees currently.

With this new investment, Olympia Group will give a boost to the investment plan of METIS, a plan that provides for the company’s dynamic growth as well as expansion of activities.