METIS certified by Lloyd’s Register

The company received unique LR Type Approval Certification for collection, transmission and analysis of vessel performance data.

Τhe innovative platform of software and smart electronic devices, designed and produced by  METIS Cyberspace Technology SA, a member of the Oympia Group, , received Type Approval Certification from Lloyd’s Register, for collection, transmission and analysis of vessel performance data.

METIS is now the only company globally with Lloyd’s Register Certification for the specific solution, once again confirming the company’s distinguished position on global shipping. Lloyd’s Register Type Approval Certification constitutes one of the most important and vital certifications that implements the highest quality standards internationally. The certified products successfully underwent extensive testing and are suitable for use on vessels and offshore facilities.  This certification also confirms the products’ suitability for installation and operation on the bridge, deck and engine room, in any extreme weather and environmental conditions.

The METIS system, which is already established globally, operates non-stop, constantly monitoring hundreds of vessel parameters and sending notifications when an incident needs to be reported. It provides to the ship owner or ship manager a real-time, 24/7 information on the condition of the fleet, without any personnel intervention. It is the easiest and most direct way for every shipping company to remotely monitor every ship worldwide.

On the occasion of the system’s new certification, Serafeim Katsikas, the CTO of METIS, stated that “Our company is dedicated to innovation and constant development.  Every aspect of the system we have designed has consistently put METIS at the centre of global shipping’s attention in recent years. The LR Type Approval certification from Lloyd’s Register confers prestige to METIS, putting it at the forefront of developments in the shipping sector and gives us a global lead to new markets, in the shipping landscape.”