METIS participates in the 4th Naftemporiki Shipping Conference

METIS Cyberspace Technology SA, a member of the Olympia Group, participated in the 4th Naftemporiki Shipping Conference on “Greek and European Shipping.” The Conference, which was a great success, took place on Wednesday 3 October at the Athens Concert Hall in the presence of top representatives from the field of shipping as well as Greek and international business.

Mike Konstantinidis, CEO of METIS, every shipping company’s most valuable virtual partner, participated in the section on the “Digital revolution and Shipping,” which was led by Christos Dogas, Editor-in-Chief at Naftemporiki, where he outlined his views on the effects of novel technologies on the development of the shipping industry.

A central theme was the rapid technological development in the shipping industry in recent years. Mr. Konstantinidis stressed that we are on the verge of the 4th revolution, the digital transformation of global shipping, noting that the shipping sector has been slow to exploit the possibilities of novel technologies. In particular, he said that the “bet” pertains to how smooth the adaptation of shipping will be to this ‘new age’. The central themes of the section were the prospect of automatic ships, security of data and systems and the phenomena of cyber-attacks, with all the speakers stressing that, at this juncture, the importance of training employees takes precedence, as well as the adoption of technological systems which will supplement the human element and provide new possibilities for the development of the shipping sector.

METIS is the first company in the industry to put artificial intelligence at the service of shipping companies, changing the landscape in Greek and global shipping. METIS’s innovative system provides real time, 24/7 information on the status of each company’s fleet, without any interference on the part of the staff, which is the easiest and most direct way for each shipping company to remotely monitor all of its ships in every corner of the globe. Modern shipping is making quantum leaps towards the new digital age, now having artificial intelligence in its most advanced form at its service.