METIS at Posidonia 2018

Thousands of visitors were acquainted with the most developed digital virtual assistant of the global shipping industry.

20180607_027_Metis_Posidonia_VangelisPatsialos_webMETIS Cyberspace Technology SA, member of Olympia Group, participated successfully in Posidonia, which is the large-scale event of the Greek shipping industry. During the event the company presented to thousands of visitors of both the Greek and the international shipping market the innovative METIS system that it has developed.

Via an impressive exhibition stand with futuristic features, which was a major attraction during the entire event, METIS’ team presented to the members of the marine shipping community the pioneering system that it has developed and the unique autonomy the system offers to the executive members of shipping companies. Through experiential seminars and demonstrations, the visitors were acquainted with the innovative digital virtual assistant of METIS and the personalized analysis that it provides in real-time, 24/7, just with one click from any smart phone or desktop. It is worth noting that the METIS system was certified by the Lloyds organization with the highest distinction regarding the collection, broadcast and analysis of ship data.

With the opportunity of the company’s presence at Posidonia, Michael Konstantinidis, Chief Executive Officer of METIS, stated the following: “We are especially delighted for our participation in Posidonia. We had the opportunity to present to the global shipping market the system we have developed, which is the only system on global scale introducing artificial intelligence to the service of the marine shipping. The visitors to Posidonia recognized its innovative functionality and the added value it provides to the daily operations of the shipping companies, thus affirming our strong belief that artificial intelligence is the next important step in the entire evolution of the shipping industry. At METIS, we remain strongly committed to our strategic goal which is to install this system in every fleet and we are strongly focused on further improving the system’s functionality to the benefit of our customers.”

METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY SA offers specialization in the fields of Electronic Engineering, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence covering the needs of the global shipping industry. The strong know how and the global innovation of METIS system attracted the investment interest of Olympia Group with the latter acquiring a business interest of 80% in the company. The Group’s objective is to expand the domestic as well as international network of the company’s partners and contribute to the even greater recognition and utilization of the company’s advanced systems by the shipping companies across the globe.