METIS CYBERSPACE TECHNOLOGY SA was founded in 2016 and specialises in the fields of Electronic Engineering, the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, all adapted to the specific needs of global shipping. METIS is supported by a team of skilled engineers and researchers with considerable depth of knowledge and experience. The company has the unique advantage of capitalizing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and putting a Virtual Agents system at the service of shipping companies on a global level.

ΜΕTIS (Maritime Efficiency Through Intelligent Systems) took its name from the ancient Metis, the wisdom and ability of humankind to perceive, to assess situations and to come up with the best solutions to given problems.
METIS puts the Processing of Information and Data at the disposal of global shipping, contributing decisively to the latter’s digital transformation. The company meets the demands of shipping companies’ Technical and Operational Departments, incorporating fully automated and reliable Data Acquisition, combined with a high degree of Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis, with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

The METIS platform is a Cloud space enriched with reliable information and advanced know-how, where each involved party, every automated system and software tool collaborate seamlessly, through exchange of messages, to fulfil their goals. METIS is in a position to undertake time-consuming procedures and actions that demand a high level of expertise and specific training, securing more productive time for shipping company personnel.

METIS capitalizes on the latest developments in IoT, Cloud Computing and Cloud Social Networking technologies to offer products which enable integrated management of shipping resources, covering all involved parties, including the technical director, captain, chief engineer, crew, ship owners, suppliers, etc.