Issue #3 | April 2019

Play: 5G READY event

On the 21st March, PLAY celebrated yet another successful year which again found it at the top of the Polish market, with a large event for all company employees. This year, the topic of the event was “5G READY,” Play’s new advertising campaign, through which the company proves to be ready for the next step and the transition over to 5G technology. The large party, with music by renowned DJ’s as well as live bands, confirmed the motto of the PLAYers: “Work hard, PLAY harder”. “I am truly proud to work for a company that celebrates success. The annual party proves to us that we still possess the same energy we had when we began as a start-up. PLAYers are the best team!” Matylda Walewska-Romanowska, Internal communication Specialist at Play told us.

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