Issue #3 | April 2019

Sunlight: Record-setting compensation for the fire at the factory in Xanthi

The co-insurance scheme responsible for coverage of Sunlight's factory in Xanthi decided, a few months after last May's fire, the pay compensation amounting to €66 million for the material and consequential damages, a record-setting amount that represents the highest compensation paid in Greece to date, and one of the highest in all of Europe. “The intense and extensive fire, and the process of seeking insurance compensation that followed, was an issue of complex legal and insurance indemnity dimensions. With methodical work, the highest compensation in the annals of Greek insurance was obtained in a very short period of time. I would like to personally thank all parties involved, the insurance consultants, the experts, as well as all co-insurance companies for the model collaboration” stressed Tania Chadouli, Group Legal Counsel & Compliance Director at Sunlight. The successful outcome of this undertaking constitutes a significant parameter in Sunlight’s dynamic development plan, which includes transforming the factory in Xanthi into the most modern and safe factory of its category in the world. 

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