Issue #3 | April 2019

The first Westnet partner's event in Cyprus

Westnet organised the first meet-and-greet in Cyprus, attracting more than 100 executives at the Hilton Cyprus, who represent more than 80 companies that are active in the country. “The high rate of participation in the event proves to us that IT companies in Cyprus have come to trust the Westnet group and have embraced our effort in a short period of time. The main reason behind this success is the professionalism and consistency we have exhibited. The goal was to set a solid foundation early on, in order to build long-term partnerships with the people in the market, an effort which we shall continue at an even greater pace” stressed Angela Menelaou, Inside Sales Manager at Westnet Cyprus. Products and solutions were presented at the event by HP Inc, and Aruba, by Charis Amourgis, Distribution & Commercial Channel Manager, HP and Kostas Livanos, Territory Manager, Aruba, an HPE company.

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