Issue #3 | April 2019

Cybersecurity seminars by the Olympia Group

Olympia Group created an informational cycle to provide knowledge and raise awareness on data security issues, in which employees from all the Group's companies participated. A wide range of important issues were covered, including: internet threats and how to avoid them, data theft by Social Engineering, safe browsing on the internet, data protection on PCs and portable devices, teleworking safely, risks on wireless networks, real-life scenarios and examples of phishing. Konstaninos Papachristofis, Information Security Officer at the Olympia Group and head of the programme stressed in this regard: “For the first time at the Group, a workshop was held for Security Awareness, which broached sensitive, topical, and important issues that concern us all, related to the dangers of the internet, and especially due to e-mail, navigation on the internet, and wireless networks.” Security Awareness does not stop here, this is just the beginning. There are many actions which began, such as a monthly Newsletter with Cybersecurity Tips, as well as others that will follow, such as an internal portal with security issues, video, posters, and events on “Parental control and safety on the Internet.”

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