PLAY: Top of the Polish Telecom Sector

The PLAY mobile telephony company has been active in the Polish market since 2007 and is currently the largest mobile telephony provider in Poland.

Play has the most developed mobile telephony network in Poland and has maintained excellent growth rates in the largest market in Eastern Europe, with significant operating and financial results. With a network of 784 mobile telephony shops and an aggressive commercial policy, it successfully competed with global giants and created a very strong brand.

The company is distinguished for its excellent services, the very competitive packages it offers its customers, and for the fact that the PLAY brand name is the number-one choice of Polish consumers. As a result, its market share exceeds 28% and it has a client base of over 15 million subscribers.

2017 was a landmark year for Play, as it was listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, carrying out an initial public offering (IPO) that was the largest ever of any private company in Poland and the largest in Europe since 2012.

Development and expansion of the network is a process spread over several years. In 2018 PLAY built as many as 1316 transmitters, i.e. currently, according to the plan, it has over 7000, and by the end of 2021 it will have 9500 operating stations. This will make it possible to switch off domestic roaming and thus become independent from other operators.

Play Poland
P4 Sp. z o.o. ul. Taśmowa 7,
02-677 Warszawa, Poland

Play Communications S.A. Luxembourg
4/6, rue du Fort Bourbon,
L-1249 Luxembourg,
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg