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The absolute virtual reality headset, HOMIDΟ, is exclusively offered in the Greek market by WESTNET

December 28, 2015

Athens, 28 December 2015Westnet Distribution, member of Olympia Group that belongs to the interests of Panos Germanos, presents exclusively in the Greek market the absolute virtual reality headset, HOMIDO, offering the ability to consumers to have the absolute experience in the world of virtual reality!

HOMIDO is a high end mask with a dedicated space which practically converts an Android or iOS operating smart phone into a virtual reality gadget via the free of charge application HOMIDO CENTER. It is a gadget that will impress the fans of technology as it allows users watch their favorite 3D movies by enjoying each time a perfect three-dimension experience!

At the same time, with HOMIDO the user is always located at the epicenter of the action. Thanks to the application called Homido VR Player, the user has the opportunity to watch 360˚ spherical videos, which when combined with the 3D technology transform the gaming and the virtual reality applications into real experiences. Furthermore, HOMIDO is equipped with a stereoscopic internet browser which allows internet navigation as private activity, whereas the special VR lenses allow for a spectacular 100 width of optical view.

The new 3D gadget HOMIDO is characterized by its autonomy as it offers free movements without having to depend on wires. Its ergonomic design with an emphasis on detail and the user’s convenience has made HOMIDO as one of the hottest products in this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2016.

HOMIDO is readily available in the Media Markt and Public stores and will be soon available in every technological mega store.


Westnet in a Snapshot

WestNet activates in the distribution of high technology products as well as of mobile technology since October 2005. The company offers a solution package that consists of the distribution and representation of high technology products of large corporations in the global marketplace such as HP, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, Samsung, LG, and eStar whereas it is the exclusive distributor in Greece of the tablets and smart phones of Lenovo and of all notebooks, desktops and gaming products of Asus.


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