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Sunlight: World-leading technology company in the production of batteries for the energy storage industry
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Sunlight: World-leading technology company in the production of batteries for the energy storage industry

In its fourth decade of dynamic growth, Sunlight is ranked among the world’s top manufacturers of industrial technology batteries. The company has a strong presence in Europe with state-of-the-art facilities in Greece and Italy, amongst them the world’s largest factory of lead-acid batteries for automated guided vehicles, forklifts and energy storage systems, which is now shifting its focus towards lithium cells. Sunlight’s entry into the USΑ market in 2019 signaled its international ambition, which is shown in its extrovert business profile, as it exports to over 100 countries.

The company is on a strong upward trajectory and is transforming itself from a battery manufacturer to a technology-industrial company providing energy storage applications for its customers all over the world. Sunlight is technology agnostic, since it employs and explores different technologies depending on its customers’ needs.

Sunlight, consistent in its vision to develop specialized innovation across the battery supply chain, has been investing over the past decade in Research and Development around the safest and most advanced Lithium applications. With more than 12 years of experience in lithium and a top R&D team, Sunlight entered the lithium market with Li.ON FORCE, the first line of “smart” lithium batteries for electrical Industrial Vehicles (eIVs). The company’s strategic focus on lithium technology is linked with the launch of a new Research and Development Center, headquartered in Athens, with 50 top scientists. The Institute will be focusing on developing lithium and new hybrid energy storage products,seeking to establish the company’s leading role in technological advancements in the global energy storage industry.

Following a sustainable business profile, Sunlight implements the Circular Economy model , whilst operating the most advanced lead acid recycling plant in Europe. The plant, which is one of just two recycling plants to be EMAS Certified, the highest standard of environmental quality in Europe, recycles up to 95% of a lead acid battery with minimum environmental impact.

Through collaboration with its customers, Sunlight supports renewable energy systems around the world, from hospitals, universities in Nigeria and isolated villages in Burundi, to large corporations in Europe.