Terra Nord

Welcome to the new state-of-the-art facilities of the Olympia Group of Companies

Welcome to your new upgraded workspace environment

Welcome to the new state-of-the-art facilities of the Olympia Group of Companies. The heart of the model Business Group, which is developing dynamically inside and outside Greece, is to recognize that its people are a valuable asset and a key component of its success in Nea Kifisia.

This is the reason why, at Olympia Group, we pay special attention and emphasis to the working environment of our our employees, who give their best every day to make us all feel proud to belong to the Olympia family. The new offices were designed and built with our employees’ needs at the heart of every decision.

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The building

The building that was selected for the new offices of the Group is located in Nea Kifisia, Attiki and Olympia is its first tenant. The building is called “Terra Nord” and its total area exceeds 16.000 sq.m., 11.500 sq.m. of which are utilized for the new offices of the Group. This is a significant upgrade from Olympia’s previous offices, the total area of which did not exceed 6.500 sq.m.

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Emphasis on an upgraded workspace

Special emphasis has been given to the working space of the office. The aim was to offer our staff a space which would promote cooperation and at the same time, be functional. For this reason it has been organized with an open plan design.

Similar care has been taken for the proper sound proofing, which was an issue that had been raised by many employees in the previous offices. Double-glazed glass partitions have been used to create sound insulation.

The same level of care has been applied to the design of the lighting, with research undertaken to ensure the best lighting for both general and individual spaces.

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Architectural Designs: Designing the future for the new "home" of the Olympia people

When you create your “dream home” – because this is what “Terra Nord” is for us – you can only look for the best possible design to realise it, from every point of view. This is what we did at the Olympia Group of Companies when we envisioned our new office building. Two years of designing. Endless hours of research and preparation and a lot of studies.

We had one goal: from the static, electromechanical and architectural design to the lighting, sound insulation and safety, to achieve the best result for what we have as our first priority at the Olympia Group: our people.

The foundations, i.e. the static, urban planning, electromechanical and architectural studies, were followed by studies on lighting, sound insulation, passive fire protection, traffic and planting, road marking and parking. The “puzzle” was completed by the studies on water resources exploitation, biological treatment, the audiovisual study, even the traffic study, and of course a study on the jewel of “TerraNord”, the Ground Cafe restaurant.

We commissioned top consultants to make our vision a reality. The lighting study was coordinated by the company L4A, with the designs of Anastasia Filippopoulou. The electromechanical study was carried out by the company LDK, the acoustic study by Alpha Acoustics. The whole project management was undertaken by the company Berios S.A, while the construction was undertaken, following a tender, by the construction company Core S.A. The architectural designs of the building were carried out by DRGF architects. A new wing has been assigned to USPUrbanSoulProject and will be implemented soon.
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Meeting rooms

To enhance collaboration and productivity, many meeting rooms and relaxation areas have been created in the core of the building, around the patios. The building features 23 meeting rooms as well as creativity spaces for teamwork. All are equipped with video conferencing systems. There are also numerous small, closed areas that can be used for telephone calls or solo working without sound interference.

The specially designed 2-people booths, created for quick ad-hoc meetings, are an important space for innovation and allow employees to meet away from their desks.

Special attention has been paid to the larger conference rooms. The largest of them has a total area of 320 sq.m. and can be divided into five separate areas using movable partitions.

For the shared areas, high quality materials, such as grey marble from Agrinio, has been used as well as custom made wooden furniture. These spaces are equipped with furniture from Denmark with minimalist design, soundproof seats and eco friendly fabrics.

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Social meeting

from Agrinio

New trees
and dozens of bushes

A special restaurant

The restaurant has been a key part of the building’s design. The hall has direct access to an outdoor space of 115 sq.m. which is covered and equipped for dining, with a maximum capacity of 85 people. Inside there is seating for 110 diners.

The restaurant is located at the back of the building, overlooking the quiet and planted pedestrian street. It creates the feeling of a private terrace, allowing the employee to take a short break in a different environment than that of their workplace.

Facilities and connectivity

Employees have access to a number of facilities, aimed at improving their daily lives in the workplace. 11 small dining areas across each floors, fully equipped with home appliances and tables, cater for coffee breaks and casual dining. The building also features data rooms and bank ATMs for convenience.

There is Wi-Fi 6 coverage throughout the building, with extremely high connection speeds to the main network.

Parking Spaces & Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

For the best service of employees and visitors, a total of 407 parking spaces have been provided, almost five times that of our previous offices. 252 of them are inside and around the building, and an additional parking lot close to the building and includes 149 spaces and six spaces for the disabled.

There are also seven dual charging stations for electric vehicles, allowing employees to travel to work in an eco-friendly way.

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for the disabled

Dual charging stations
for electric vehicles

Secure bicycle
parking spaces

Green infrastructure

Central to the design of the building was the creation of a workplace that is as friendly to the environment as it is to employees. Creating a positive footprint on the environment has always been a central pillar of the Olympia Group of Companies philosophy. In this light, its new facilities have been created with the least possible environmental impact.

There is a strong presence of green (natural and artificial) inside and outside the building, in which natural gas is used to power the building, while third stage biological treatment for water is used.

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Recycling products,
packaging and waste

Multiple environmental
Management studies

Natural gas use and
biological treatment
for water

Use of sound proofing

security guard services

Passive and Active
Fire protection

Controlled access to the
building and the offices


Our facilities have daily security guard services on a 24-hour basis.

All the applicable provisions, provided by the Passive and Active Buildings Fire protection regulation have been taken into account, studied and implemented in the infrastructure of the building. Certified and fireproof materials have been used. There is also additional security, with controlled access to the building and the offices.

Measures to address COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to special measures to ensure the protection of health for all our people. Dividers have already been installed in the offices to strengthen the protection of the employees.

In addition, antiseptics have been installed at all entrance points, as well as in all offices and meeting rooms. Furthermore, special shoe disinfection mats have been installed at all entrances to the building, including the underground car parks.

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