Investment Approach

Olympia Group aims to ensure long term profitable growth through a diversified portfolio

Group’s orientation

The group was founded by Panos Germanos in 1980 and started as a family business that soon developed into one of the most successful Telco distribution networks in Europe. In recent years Olympia has transformed itself into a market-oriented group, whilst also upholding closely the values of entrepreneurship that have been passed down by its founder. Today Olympia is an International Investment Group consisting of five portfolio companies and minority stake across six different sectors. The group operates in 8 countries across two continents.

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Groups’ Investment Approach

Olympia Group aims to ensure long term profitable growth in different sectors, investing in companies that have the potential to become leaders, capitalizing on economic and sector trends.

PORTFOLIO: We are the leading shareholder in most of our portfolio companies.

SEEDS: We explore investments in early stage companies that are active in sectors directly correlated to our core investments.

FOCUS ON WHAT WE KNOW TO DO WELL:  We focus on industries where we have accumulated experience.

LONG TERM VALUE: We have a strategic approach in unlocking long-term value and growth potential,exiting when the price is right.

THINK BIG: We only invest in companies that have the potential to become leaders in their region/sector.

OPEN TO STRATEGIC PARTNESHIPS: Successful equity co-investments with other partner funds.

BUILD STRONG TEAMS: We support strong professionals and talent and create leadership teams to back up our investments. We have  high caliber professionals in 8 countries sharing knowledge, expertise and resources.

EXPERTISE: We have extensive expertise in successful IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) and M&As (Mergers and Acquisitions) transactions in various industries.

RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT: We invest only in sectors and companies that are not in conflict with our responsible profile. We exclude companies that don’t meet ESG factors (environmental, social and governance).

Olympia at a Glance

€1bn AUM
Invested in 10 companies (throughout our history)
Operating since: 1980

Employees: 4000
Geographic Presence: 8 countries
Sectors: Retail & Etail, Energy Storage, Telecoms, Distribution, Software, Real Estate

Portfolio Snapshot


Leading Stories

Success stories in unlocking growth potential and long-term development

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Investment Committee

The Investments Committee’s primary purpose is to develop the Company’s Investment Strategy, according to its needs and overall circumstances.  Mr. Ioannis Karagiannis Executive Chairman of Olympia Group and Chairman of the BoD holds the role of Chair of the Investments Committee.