Our investment profile

The Olympia Group of Companies has become a dynamic multinational organisation based on a modern corporate governance model, dedicated to further enhancing its activities and to even more successful growth in the future. In this context, the Group continues to strengthen its investment profile and broaden its strategic potential. At the same time, the Group reinforces operational diversification by further expanding the already multifaceted branches of its activities in industries such as retail and wholesale, manufacturing, real estate, telecommunications, software development, etc.
The Olympia Group remains committed to taking new investment initiatives, both in Greece and abroad, continuing its uninterrupted dynamic journey. By virtue of its strategic positioning and the activities it develops, it is in a position to utilise its competitive advantages and, in particular, to:

- recognise the value and prospects of each investment;
- provide funds specifically for investment and expertise in administration and time management;
- provide strategic advice;
- develop strong partnerships;
- capitalize on its deep knowledge in investments and the conclusion of agreements; and
- focus on markets in which it has know-how.