Sustainability efforts

Making positive contributions in the regions and communities in which we operate

Making a Positive Economic Impact

We believe that every business has the potential to seriously impact society. Making positive contributions in the regions and communities in which we operate is an important objective for Olympia Group. With our diverse business portfolio, we have a multifaceted positive impact in societies.

The Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research of Greece (IOBE) conducted a study on the socio-economic impact of the Olympia Group during the period of 2012-2018, as well as forecasts for the future, concluding that the operations of Olympia Group companies make a significant contribution to the Greek economy in terms of both GDP, amounting to 0.4% of the national economy (GDP), but also the employment and environment. It is estimated that each added-value euro from the Olympia Group creates another 3.9 euros of GDP for the economy in total.

Our contribution in exports is particularly high. Sunlight, our industrial subsidiary active in the energy sector, exports 93% of its production, while its batteries ranks 21st among the 100 most significant exported Greek products.

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Our Code of Conduct

As an investment company, Olympia Group aims to increase the long-term growth of its portfolio, by building sector leaders, as well as to create ongoing value for our shareholders, employees, and local communities.

To successfully deliver our purpose and commitments we must align our decisions with strong ethical values and always act with integrity, openness, and trust. We strive for excellence in our activities and aim to be recognized as a leader not only based on our performance, but also by adhering to high corporate governance and compliance standards and by adopting best practices in sustainability.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the policies and expectations of our people behavior and underpins a positive organizational culture that helps us gain the trust of customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues, and communities. We strive to further promote the already exceptional level of respect among ourselves, with values that enable us to work together efficiently, as well as to empower our ongoing development and growth.

We want to ensure everyone feels comfortable working for and with Olympia Group and are committed to enforcing and evolving this Code of Conduct as Olympia grows.

Whistleblowing procedure

Olympia Group is committed to achieving high standards of service and a high level of ethical standards in public life and in all of its practices. To this end, Olympia Group encourages employees to use internal mechanisms available to report any malpractice or concerns for unethical and questionable practices by employees or ex-employees.

We encourage our employees to voice such concerns anonymously and without fear for retribution through our designated website:

The Audit Committee of Olympia Group is nominated as the ultimate responsible Whistleblowing Body for receiving and investigating any reports, including anonymous reports.

Our Response during COVID-19

As COVID-19 has emerged as a new threat for communities around the world Olympia Group acted quickly to create a plan that would cover important needs in Health & Education across Greece, Cyprus and Italy.

With a sense of responsibility, the Olympia Group donated medical and technological equipment amounting to €2,5 million.

The donation was coordinated in collaboration with the Greek & Cypriot Ministries of Education and Health, as well as with Medical Institutions in Italy, enhancing the fight against COVID-19.

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Responsible supply chain

The Olympia Group is committed to creating long-term value throughout all of its business operations. This is exemplified through its focus on responsible supply chains. The Group and its subsidiaries work with suppliers and partners who strive for sustainability throughout their supply chains. Suppliers are held to account in accordance with the Group’s high environmental and human rights standards and in line with its code of conduct.

Modelling the circular economy

The Olympia Group strongly supports the model of the Circular Economy, knowing it to be central to sustainable business development. Recognizing the opportunities that the Circular Economy offers, both in terms of economic development, competitive advantages and environmental protection, the Group has fully adopted the model in its subsidiary, Sunlight, creating a unique business ecosystem in Northern Greece.

The creation of a separate, technology advanced battery recycling plant close to Sunlight’s main production facility has enabled the energy storage firm to enhance its capacity and competitiveness, while significantly reducing its import costs. More than 60% of the total lead needs of Sunlight are covered vertically, from the company’s recycling arm. But the impact goes far beyond the bottom line.

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Sustainable Offices

Olympia Group’s mission to create a better future acknowledges the worldwide threats to not only our future, but, increasingly, to our present from climate change and the challenges of environmental sustainability. Olympia Group recognizes its responsibility to confront these challenges as part of its accountability to the future.

Olympia Group’s offices are built around this holistic vision and promote low emissions, low energy use, as well as health, well-being and culture. We recognize that by creating a sustainable working space we are not only environmentally responsible, but we also strengthen our core operations and establish a sense of community between our employees.

The workspaces have been carefully designed to improve sound insulation, create open space and accentuate light. Thus, creating a more engaging and creative working environment, aimed to improve the enjoyment and productivity of its employees.

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Multiple environmental
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Natural gas use and
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