An International Investment Group with an expanded business ecosystem across 8 countries

About Olympia

The Olympia Group is an international investment group with a diversified business ecosystem that spans 8 countries, founded by Panos Germanos in 1980. Its focus is on creating a better future, not just for its companies but for the communities and environments it serves.

The group has a strong reputation and is a very well recognized “family brand”. In recent years Olympia has transformed itself into a market-oriented group, whilst also upholding closely the values of entrepreneurship that have been passed down by its founder, Panos Germanos, and are embodied by all the Group’s companies.

With over 40 years of experience in its specialist sectors, Olympia Group is today a modern and financially robust Group that is governed by steadfast corporate governance and a philosophy that enforces business autonomy for its companies.

The Olympia Group has a successful track record in establishing champion companies and has an exceptional track-record of international expansion of its portfolio companies. It also works as a trusted partner for many financial institutions and funds across the European continent.

The Group’s experienced management teams and its history of successful strategic partnerships has enabled Olympia Group to grow a diversified portfolio across six major sectors. These include:

  • Retail & Etail
  • Energy Storage
  • Distribution
  • Software
  • Food Technology
  • AgriTech

The future of the Olympia Group is strengthened by the combination of a very strong Board of Directors with independent members, and a highly capable management team. Each company within the group also operates under its strong management team and the guidance and supervision of its own board of Directors with independent members. This combination of stakeholders allows the Olympia Group to lay the foundations for an even better tomorrow. This is our Group’s legacy for the generations to come.