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The Olympia Group of Companies is an International Investment Group with a strong presence, through many different companies, in 10 countries.

Our activities
With consistency, continuity and endurance, commitment, creativity and belief in the philosophy of “doing business”, the Group grows dynamically in the especially competitive markets which it activates in, targeting corporate excellence.
Our team
The Management Team of Olympia Group plays a determinant role in all levels of strategic and corporate planning within the companies which constitute investments of the Group. By this manner Olympia Group contributes decisively its knowhow, specialized knowledge and experience.
Philisophy & Mission
Olympia is a Group with wide ranging activities, financially robust, consistently marking successful business growth in the Greek and international markets since 1980. The philosophy of doing business is nested in the Olympia Group’s DNA as its sets the foundations for a better tomorrow, building bridges between the present and the future.

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