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SOFTONE GROUP: The innovator in business software
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SOFTONE GROUP: The innovator in business software

SOFTONE is a leading group of business software companies, focused on the development, provision and support of ERP & CRM solutions, Cloud & Mobility services, Professional Accounting solutions, Electronic Invoicing & EDI services.

Today, SOFTONE GROUP employs 320 technology experts and industry professionals. The company’s award-winning applications and solutions are used by more than 47,000 businesses and are supported through a Network of 600 partners in five European countries.

Being one of the first software vendors in Europe to offer its ERP solution as a cloud service (SaaS), SOFTONE GROUP is the undisputed leader of the Greek Cloud ERP market and a decisive player in Southeast Europe with more than 4,500 Software as a Service installations.

Since its inception in 2002, the company has built an impressive international profile with subsidiaries established in Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria and an important partner in the United Kingdom.

In June 2016, Olympia Group acquired 33.34% of the share capital of SoftOne, making it the primary shareholder. Two years later, SoftOne acquired Unisoft SA, a prominent Greek software vendor, significantly boosting its market share and cementing its position as a leading Greek information technology company. In January 2019, SoftOne also acquired Prosvasis, a well-known accounting software vendor. With these investments SoftOne has transformed into a strong corporate structure with three distinct brands (SoftOne, Unisoft, Prosvasis) and a significant international footprint in Southeast Europe.

In the past five years, SOFTONE GROUP has demonstrated positive growth rates and impressive performance, which is reflected in its increased revenues and earnings.