The founder

The founder of the Group, Panos Germanos, retains the role of mentor to the BoD and Management

The founder of Olympia

Entrepreneurship, innovation, meritocracy, humility, humanism. These are important elements that make up the DNA of the Olympia Group of Companies, inspired by its founder, Panos Germanos, whose current role is that of mentor, guiding and advising the Board of Directors and the management team.

Panos Germanos is an economist, businessman and founder of the Olympia Group. He was born on June 16th, 1950, in Milies, Ilia and grew up in Athens. The youngest child of a large family, he started work while completing his studies at the Department of Economics of the Athens Law School. A thoughtful, studious and curious spirit, who once he got to know the technology industry, was fascinated by it to the point where it became his vocation.