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SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.: A new distinction in “Sales Excellence Awards 2013″

August 3, 2016

SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.: A new distinction in “Sales Excellence Awards 2013″

SUNLIGHT won the “Exports Increase” award of the “Sales Performance” category

The “Exports Increase” award of the “Sales Performance» category was won by SUNLIGHT at the «Sales Excellence Awards 2013″, certifying once again the high level of quality and innovation of its products and services.

SUNLIGHT, having its registered seat in Greece and as a focal point its manufacturing plant in Northern Greece (Neo Olvio, Xanthi), has been successfully operating for three decades in the global energy storage and power supply markets, exporting 98% of its production and utilizing its potential in a global environment.

SUNLIGHT – Sales Excellence Awards 2013 – Mr. Konstantinos Metaxas, Industrial Sales Director, who received the award for SUNLIGHT made the following statement: «Today’s award is a special honor, because it recognises the efforts of all SUNLIGHT employees in the direction of providing exceptional customer service. In parallel, this award is a motive for us, in order to keep up with the same passion and to aim for new and more difficult challenges».

The award was given during the “Sales Excellence Awards 2013″ Ceremony, which was organized by the Greek Sales Institute (ΙΠΕ) and Boussias Communications, in order to present and award the best sales practices in all business fields.

SUNLIGHT has an autonomous enterpreneurial presence in 9 countries, an active clientele in more than 100 countries, while it is classified among the TOP 5 industrial batteries manufacturers in Europe and among the TOP 3 advanced technology batteries manufacturers worldwide.