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Westnet: Gold distinction in HR Awards 2021

October 26, 2021

Westnet received the Gold Award in the category “HR Corporate Event of the Year” in HR Awards 2021, an annual awards institution that aims to highlight best practices and strategies in the field of Human Resources Management.

Westnet was distinguished for the event “Be the Bartender at Westnet” organized for its employees earlier in this year. In more details, the company built and implemented an innovative digital activation based on the aspect of entertainment, creating a differentiated context for employees’ interaction and connection in all premises in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus.

Having as key moto “Empowering our People”, Westnet focuses on the overall employee experience. Through initiatives that focus on improving the quality of work, the goal is that employees remain motivated and creative, thus ensuring the maintenance of an excellent working environment.

Westnet’s HR Head, Electra Diamanti, stated: “For us at Westnet, our people are our driving force. In such a special and difficult situation shaped by the pandemic, we focused even more on providing our people with experiences that will enhance positive psychology. Our aim is to continue to invest in strengthening such a human-centered culture, to motivate and to have employees who feel happy and productive.”

HR Awards are organized for 7th consecutive year by Boussias, aiming to highlight outstanding achievements and effective initiatives in the field of Human Resource Management in every sector or market in Greece.