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Dynamic entrance in the business software market for Olympia Group with the acquisition of the company SoftOne Technologies S.A.

July 12, 2016

Continuous investments in the Greek Market by Olympia Group

Olympia Group of Companies, belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, proceeded with the acquisition of 33.34% of SoftOne Technologies S.A. and is currently the largest shareholder of the company.

The above investment of Olympia Group in the Greek market operates on complementary and evolutionary basis and specifically is linked to the technology retail and distribution sector, where the Group possesses strong knowhow as well as presence in both the domestic and international market. The acquisition of SoftOne Technologies S.A. allows the Group to develop synergies with its own subsidiaries, whereas more importantly, it strengthens the prospects of SoftOne’s stronger penetration in the geographic markets of the Group, such as Poland and other North European markets.

SoftOne Technologies S.A. activates in the development and offering of pioneer services and products in the area of business software. The company is distinguished for its competitive advantage to offer ERP systems by utilizing the capacities of cloud computing. With an extrovert business strategy and presence in Romania, Serbia, Cyprus and Bulgaria, SoftOne Technologies S.A. constitutes the leading company of business software market. Over the last 5 years, the company demonstrated positive growth rates and strong financial performance reflected in the increase of sales and earnings before taxes. At the same time, the company possesses a wide customer base with over 15,000 corporate clients.

The General Manager of Olympia Group Mr. Kostas Karafotakis proceeded with the following statement: “Our participation in SoftOne Technologies signals our entrance in the software sector where we develop a partnership based on mutual benefits”.

Mr. Antonis Kyriazis, Managing Director of SoftOne, made the following statement: “The investment of Olympia Group in our share capital constitutes a landmark of the company’s successful history and business course until today. Despite the fact that SoftOne grew by 60% on aggregate basis during the period of crisis, this investment aims solely at speeding up this growth trend both in the domestic and the international market. SoftOne by utilizing the financial strength of one of the largest corporate Groups will be in position to play a dominant role in the changes which are about to occur in the information technology market. Furthermore, the international presence and mentality of Olympia Group will be the catalysts in intensifying and speeding up the extrovert strategy of SoftOne. The investment made by Olympia Group which is characterized by its large size and high prestige in the market is a strong recognition for SoftOne, as well as its employees and partners.”


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