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Benaki Museum runs Soft1 Cloud ERP

October 10, 2018

The internationally renowned “Benaki Museum” has chosen SoftOne, member of Olympia Group of companies, and its innovative Cloud ERP solution to drastically alter the way it performs its business operations.

The implementation project was carried out with the scientific assistance of PwC, integrating all Benaki Museum processes in a powerful digital transformation platform which enhances visitors’ experience, while ensuring full compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Offering deep functionality, Soft1 Cloud ERP has been fully configured to meet all industry-specific needs: from ticket purchasing, museum collections and exhibitions management, educational courses, programs and events to memberships and contributions, publications and gift shops. Soft1’s embedded Financial Management modules allow Benaki’s executives to efficiently monitor and constantly review the museum’s budget, automatically allocating all revenues and expenses (including payroll) to the relevant department or business operation.

Running on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform with just a subscription model, Soft1 Cloud ERP frees Benaki Museum from large investments and time-consuming maintenance tasks, thus enabling it to significantly reduce its IT infrastructure and operational cost. Mr. Harris Siambanis, Chief Executive Officer of Benaki Museum, stated that agility was one of the most important reasons for implementing SoftOne’s Cloud ERP solution. “Operating on the cloud and incorporating powerful BI tools, Soft1 provides us with real-time information to efficiently handle all museum processes”, adding: “With Soft1, I have 24×7 access to all the data I need in order to make informed decisions and communicate them to individuals and teams. From anywhere, via any mobile device.”