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New partnership of Westnet with Microsoft

March 28, 2018
The company is enriching its product categories with new innovative retail products of Microsoft

Westnet (, member of Olympia Group, belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, announces its partnership with Microsoft, for the distribution of the latter’s consumer products in the markets of Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

This new partnership further strengthens the leading position of Westnet in the market since it:

  • Enriches the spectrum of distributed products in the markets which the company already activates in
  • Adds new product categories thus covering its customers’ needs
  • Expands its activities with regard to new distribution channels

Westnet also strengthens its distribution activities with regard to products in the areas of peripherals and software, with the distribution of mouse products, keyboards, webcams and headsets, as well as of total Microsoft Office solutions. The spectrum of the peripheral products of Microsoft is steadily increasing based on the criteria of ergonomics and modern design. The company’s goal is to cover the needs of both the professional who needs to work with credible professional tools in order to achieve higher productivity independently of the place or the location, as well as the home user, who equally needs flexibility that is offered from the latest and constantly updated versions of the Office. Furthermore, each user is able, based on an annual subscription rate, to have a personal storage space of 1TB in OneDrive, where the user can store any type of file and can access it from everywhere by any appliance, and at any time. Finally, through subscription, the user can take advantage of 60 minutes, free of charge, for Skype calls to fixed lines or mobile phones.

The categories that will be added through the partnership with Microsoft to the product spectrum of Westnet includes Xbox consoles with games, accessories and Xbox Live Gold subscription cards. The new Xbox One S console, since its first circulation last August, has garnered especially positive views, thus increasing its market share month after month, in Greece as well as internationally. Moreover, it is the only console offering the ability for 4K Blu-ray, 4K streaming, and HDR transmission.

In the context of its partnership with Microsoft, Westnet will activate in two new distribution channels. Beginning from January 2017, it will establish a subsidiary in Cyprus in order to more effectively support the local market with its partnerships. In addition, a new distribution channel is now available for Westnet, as the company for the first time will proceed with the digital distribution in the areas of software and gaming, through the distribution of products based on the “Print to receipt” technology. Specifically the interested customers will not have to purchase the physical box of the product and instead they will be able to online activate the product, with the use of a special password which will be collected from the cashier’s desk within the stores.

Robby Bourlas, CEO of Westnet, stated the following: “We proudly announce our partnership with the global technology leader, Microsoft. All of us are aware of the company’s size and of its innovative products which have changed our life. Our new partnership is in line with the strategy of Westnet focusing on the provision of total technology solutions and targeting the increase of competitiveness of an even wider customer base.”


A few words about Westnet

WestNet activates in the distribution of IT and high technology products since 2005. The company offers a solution package that consists of the distribution and the representation of high technology products of large corporations in the global marketplace such as HP Inc., HP Enterprise, Samsung, LG, Creative , eStar, Philips, Eset, D-Link, TP-Link, and devolo, whereas it is the exclusive distributor in Greece of the tablets and smart phones of Lenovo, Hitachi TVs and of all notebooks, desktops and gaming products of Asus. At the same time, the company is the sole distributor in the category of peripherals and accessories of the products Polaroid, Trust, Tucano, Cygnett, and Turtle Beach.


A few words about Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”), which was established in 1975, is the leading provider of software, services and technological solutions on global scale. All Microsoft® products have been designed with the objective to expand the individual and corporate capabilities. Information about Microsoft can be found at Microsoft is the patent-based commercial trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other product and services names comprise commercial trademarks of the companies which distribute them. The data contained herein are provided only for information purposes.