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The electronic invoice service “eINVOICE” to MegaEURONICS

December 15, 2016

MegaEURONICS, the largest store network of electrical and electronic appliances in the Greek market, selected the Cloudservice eINVOICE of SoftOne in order to perform the electronic administration of invoices issued by the company.

With the support of SEM-SAE, the certified partner of SoftOne, MegaEURONICS adopted the automated solutions e-invoicing and e-archiving of the service, thus drastically reducing the cost of the invoice process for all its stores. Without any additional investment or software installation, the service eINVOICE– starting from the day one of its operation- offers the ability to the company to send thousands of invoices to the 245+ members of its network only with one click, thus terminating any process with regard to the printing and filing of invoices, as well as with regard to the use of envelopes and the physical delivery of invoices to their recipients.

The automatic filing of invoices in the Cloud ensures a reliable and secure access, at any time and with the use of any appliance, thus providing MegaEURONICS with real-time view of the delivery process of each invoice issued.