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Expansion of strategic partnership between PLAY, member of Olympia Group, and Huawei until the year 2025

July 10, 2016
  • Expansion of the partnership with Huawei, one of the leading players in the global telecom market
  • Development of 4.5G and 5G spectrums for even faster wireless Internet access for the subscribers / customers of the company
  • Significant increase of base stations throughout the country
  • Development of innovation and active contribution to the improvement of the digital adequacy of the local community

The mobile telephony company PLAY (P4), member of Olympia Group in Poland, belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, announces the expansion of the strategic partnership with the Chinese telecom company Huawei, one of the leaders in the global market.

With only 8 years in the Polish market, Play has managed to become the second largest mobile telephony provider with market share of 25.6% and 14.2 million subscribers. The company continues to grow with strong rates, having increased its customer base by 15.2% in the past year, something that is reflected in the company’s increased profitability. Within the year 2015, operating income increased by 22.1% and EBITDA by 44%.

The strategic agreement between PLAY and Huawei concerns the development of network infrastructure until the year 2025, and solidifies their 10-year collaboration thus defining to a great extent their joint course over the coming years. More specifically, the two companies will co-operate with one another in the development of the spectrums 4.5G and 5G targeting more efficient broadband network services for the subscribers of PLAY.

More analytically, the co-operation of the two companies concerns the development of the wireless network, the transmission network, the IP network, as well as the support of IT solutions and the delivery of mobile handsets. For the time being, PLAY possesses 5,000 base stations throughout the country, a number that is expected to increase significantly in the context of the current agreement. It is noted that these actions will decisively contribute to the development of innovation and the optimization of the digital adequacy of the local community.

Jørgen Bang-Jensen, CEO of PLAY, stated the following: “When P4 and Huawei signed their first agreement back in 2006, both companies were not well known in the market. Today, both companies play a leading role, each company in its own sector, something that constitutes a reward for their strong efforts all these years. In the future, we expect to further expand our impeccable collaboration with Huawei with the objective to improve the provision of services to our customers.”

Junfeng Li, CEO of Huawei Poland, stated the following: “The stories of PLAY and Huawei are especially connected. We started our activities in Poland almost during the same period, both companies from zero. Today PLAY has more than 14.2 million subscribers and is the second largest mobile provider in the country. Likewise, Huawei within its 12 years of presence in Poland strengthened its position and currently plays a leading role in the infrastructure of telecommunication networks. We especially appreciate our partners and we look forward to 10 more years of mutual and beneficial collaboration and to even greater success.”

In 2004, when Huawei established its first office in Poland, PLAY became its first strategic partner demonstrating interest on Huawei’s technology. The two companies have already implemented important and ambitious projects on the spectrums 2G, 3G and 4G.


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