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Very important recognition for SUNLIGHT Recycling at the event “GREEK VALUE Awards of Northern Greece 2017”

March 9, 2017

PictureSUNLIGHT Recycling received a new recognition at the event “GREEK VALUE Awards of Northern Greece 2017”. The event recognizes and awards companies of Northern Greece which had an excellent performance over the past year. SUNLIGHT Recycling constitutes the recycling unit for lead-based accumulators of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT SA, which is member of Olympia Group of Companies. The “GREEK VALUE Awards” took place through a special ceremony on Wednesday, March 8, 2017, at “TheMET Hotel” in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The new recognition of SUNLIGHT Recycling, comprising the most modern recycling unit for lead-based accumulators in Europe, is essentially a result of the Company’s commitment towards excellence, constant improvement and ambitious promotion of practices calling for modern and efficient recycling with respect to the local communities, the natural environment and the public health. More specifically, the Company received the award in the category “Environmental Excellence” for the application of environmentally friendly production, distribution and infrastructure practices. Spyros Kopolas, CEO of Sunlight Recycling, collected the award on behalf of the Company and stated the following: «Sunlight Recycling constitutes a model of green oriented business development as well as the most modern recycling unit for lead batteries in Europe. The particular award is another proof of the Company’s commitment toward the proper recycling process that must be carried out with respect to environment. In this context, the Company commenced recently an awareness campaign called “Green Mission” with the objective to educate and motivate both private companies and the public with regard to the recycling of lead-based batteries».

The GREEK VALUE Awards of Northern Greece constitutes an initiative and currently an event organized by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING) together with Kathimerini newspaper, with the objective to present, promote and finally award those manufacturing companies that excelled during the previous year in 8 specific fields.