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ISO 37001 certification for SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT

July 19, 2017

The first Group of companies in Greece certified with ISO 37001 with regard to issues of compliance and anticorruption. The certification was granted by the organization TÜVHELLAS (TÜVNORD).

UntitledSYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, the leading producer of energy storage systems in the world, member of Olympia Group, established by Panos Germanos, becomes the first company in Greece -and among the top ten companies in Europe- that has been certified with regard to the application of the Standard ISO 37001 concerning anticorruption. The certification was granted by the organization TÜVHELLAS (TÜVNORD), one of the most prestigious organizations for Inspection and Certification. TÜVHELLAS certified that the relevant procedures applied by Sunlight are in alignment with the standard ISO 37001. It is noted that the Group of companies has also received from TÜVHELLAS (TÜVNORD) an affirmation of observance of the Standard ISO 19600 (Compliance Management System) for regulatory compliance. The combination of the two Standards ISO 37001 and ISO 19600 allows the Group to establish a solid and strong structure in terms of transparency and regulatory compliance.

The commitment of the company is to operate and execute all its activities in the best possible conditions so that it ensures the optimal results with regard to quality of the final product by complying with the entire legislative provisions for the environment, hygiene and safety. In the same context, the company is committed to ensure its compliance with the relevant rules and requirements of the Greek and European legislation.

Apart from the certification received by the organization TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD), SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT is also member of TRACE International, which is an organization internationally recognized for the fight against corruption, whereas it has also developed its own mechanisms with the aim to ensure transparency in the company’s commercial transactions. The company was recently selected in the shortlist of the international competition “Women in Compliance”, for the previous year, which recognizes the largest achievements of women working in the area of compliance.

The Legal Advisor of the company, T. Chadouli, stated the following: “It is a great honor for us to receive the certification according to the standard ISO 37001 in the areas of compliance and fighting against corruption from an organization with the prestige of TÜVHELLAS (TÜVNORD). For Sunlight, which activates in more than 100 companies globally, the issues of compliance and transparency in the transactions carried out are characterized by great importance. I would like to thank our entire personnel in our companies who make their best effort on daily basis in order to make SUNLIGHT Group of companies so special in many and diverse areas.”

The Director of Certification of TÜVHELLAS (TÜVNORD), Mr. Giannis Oikonomidis, stated the following: “The pioneering approach and innovation constitute the fundamental values of our Organization. We always act having as priorities the future needs as well as the provision of the most modern and reliable services to our customers. We are especially delighted to present the first Certificate according to ISO 37001 in Greece to the company SUNLIGHT, which demonstrates with the particular certification its strong commitment towards transparency and regulatory compliance issues.”