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Kleopas Alliott applies the accounting management solutions of SoftOne

January 12, 2017

Kleopas Alliott Business Consultants, the specialized provider of accounting and tax services and full member of the International Group of Independent Accounting, Legal and Consulting Offices Alliott Group, applies the advanced Accounting and Payroll solutions of SoftOne, member of Olympia Group of Companies.

With the support of ITBC, the official partner of SoftOne, Kleopas Alliott expedites the entire spectrum of accounting, tax and payroll services offered to its client base, through a modern software platform which significantly reduces operating costs, whereas at the same time it provides the maximum security and reliability for the administration of customer data.

By incorporating a prototype operating model as well as powerful sub-sections, and by providing all the required printing and accounting statements, Soft1 fully transforms the daily operations of a company into automated ones, thus assisting Kleopas Alliott to increase productivity of its staff as well as to improve client services. The powerful customization tools of Soft1 provide the company with the ability to align the accounting administration with the specific requirements emanating from strict operating policies characterizing its multinational corporations – clients.

Offered via a very flexible subscription model, the applications of Soft1 include automated updates concerning the new versions, thus ensuring the full alignment of Kleopas Alliott operations and services with the effective tax regulations as they are in force each time.