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Management Changes at Westnet

January 16, 2023

Athens, January 16th, 2023 – Westnet, a member of Olympia Group, a leading company in the field of trade and distribution of products, with business activities in Greece, Cyprus and Poland, announces that George Daviotis completes his tenure in the company after 17 years of successful career, as well as that Konstantinos Magouras is appointed interim General Manager of Westnet.

After a long journey at Westnet, George Daviotis completes his tenure at the company having significantly contributed to its dynamic growth, both in and outside Greece. Through the roles of Sales Director, Commercial Director and since 2019 as General Manager, he led and actively participated in Westnet’s growth plans, ensuring the successful implementation of its strategic planning by building key partnerships, shaping a competitive product portfolio and expanding Westnet’s business in new geographies and markets.

The position of interim General Manager at Westnet is assumed by Konstantinos Magouras, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. He is an executive with rich experience in Sales and Finance and he has a long career within the Olympia Group since 2010, assuming a series of senior roles. In 2018, he assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer at Westnet and later on, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer having under his responsibility the departments of Finance, Legal, Logistics, Service and IT. He holds a BSc in Mathematics from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and an MSc in Finance and Banking from Athens University of Economics and Business.

Mr. John Karagiannis, Executive Chairman of Olympia Group and President of Westnet’s Board of Directors, said: “I would like to sincerely thank George for his hard work, passion and commitment during all these years. With his leadership skills, dedication and professionalism, he has undoubtedly put his own personal stamp on Westnet’s identity, laying a strong foundation for the company’s future growth at all levels. I would like also to thank Konstantinos for his support in this transitional period, expressing the belief that with his experience and strategic directions he will support Westnet in achieving its strategic goals.”