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New Board of Directors for the Olympia Group

November 19, 2019
With independent Board Members from the international business area, focusing on the best and most modern corporate governance practices

The Olympia Group of Companies, having completed the group management restructuring initiated in 2016, is entering a new era in its corporate governance, following a new governance structure and related disclosure practices, in compliance with EU and international best practices. The future of the Olympia Group is strengthened by the combination of a highly capable Management team and a very strong Board of Directors with independent members whose contribution will be decisive in the Olympia Group’s new era.

In that framework the Olympia Group General Meeting has elected a new 9-member Board of Directors that will reinforce the corporate governance culture of Olympia Group and its subsidiaries. The new Board of Directors was constituted into a body, appointing executive and non-executive members, as follows:

  • Ioannis Karagiannis, Chairman, Executive Director
  • Carla Cico, Vice Chairwoman, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Robby Bourlas, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
  • Muriel de Lathouwer, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Dimitrios Goumas, Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Tatiana Fafaliou, Non-Executive Director
  • Christos Kalogerakis, Non-Executive Director
  • Giorgos Xirouchakis, Executive Director
  • Giannis Pantoleon, Executive Director

The Group’s Management welcomes Ms Cico, who has vast experience in the telecommunications market, having served for many years in the private and public sectors, and Ms De Lathouwer, with a long career in the ΙΤ and technology sectors.

Ms. Carla Cico currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Commify Group (a Tech Business) and as Board Member of Allegion Plc (Security business ). She held the position of CEO of Rivoli S.p.A., an infrastructure company, and prior to this, she served as CEO at Ambrosetti Consulting. She also served as CEO at Brazil Telecom (2001 -2005) and she was ranking in both Forbes and Fortune, and as ‘best CEO” in Latin America Telecommunications by Reuters. Ms. Muriel De Lathouwer serves as Board Member of Shurgard (largest EU developer of self-storage centres), of Coderdojo Belgium (free computer programming children’s club) as Independent Board Member and of CFE (an industrial group), Amoobi (a technology company) and CPH (cooperative bank). She also served as CEO, Managing Director and Executive Board Member of EVS Belgium, an international company and the global leader in live outside broadcast digital video production systems.

Given their international experience, the new Board members will further contribute towards adopting international corporate governance and transparency practices and adding value to the business growth of the Group.

Note that one-third of the members of the new Olympia Group Board of Directors are women – a significant step towards boosting the values of equality and inclusiveness.

The Olympia Group of Companies, following the vision of its founder, has evolved into an International Investment Group with diverse business operations through six subsidiaries in nine EU countries. The new corporate governance model ensures the substantial application of the rules of corporate governance, thus adequately protecting shareholders, employees, as well as everyone directly or indirectly linked to the Olympia Group, with the main aim of ensuring the company’s longevity, consensus among current and future shareholders.