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New corporate website for the Olympia Group

November 27, 2015

The new corporate website ( of the Olympia Group, owned by Panos Germanos, has been active since the 1st of October, giving the opportunity to visitors to be informed in an easy and concise manner about the activity of the Group and its subsidiaries: Public, Westnet, Systems Sunlight, Sunlight Recycling and Play.

The new website will also be a source of information on the subject of entrepreneurship, as it will be enriched with content with the signature and experience of the Group’s senior executives. The new website provides a very user-friendly environment, including all of the Olympia Group activities, and is offered in both Greek and English.

The design of the renewed corporate website is based on the philosophy governing the operation of the Group and is summarised in the phrase “WE BUILD BRIDGES“. These “bridges are “built” through the Group’s sectors of operation in retail trade, telecommunications, industry and distribution.

With the opportunity of the launch of the new website, the Olympia Group Communication Director, Anthe Trokoudi, stated “The Olympia Group has been on a growing trajectory since 1980, with consistency, focus and creativity, serving as a model of healthy entrepreneurship and technocratic management. With our vision to “build bridges” with entrepreneurship, society and people, we are certain that our new website will serve as an interactive model of communication and information for our partners, human resources and customers“.

The Olympia Group

The Olympia Group, owned by businessman Panos Germanos, is an influential entrepreneurial presence in the Greek and international markets, with 35 years of operation in Greece and 20 years of continuous growth in Europe.
Olympia is a 100% Greek multinational Group, with operations in the sectors of:

  • retail with the Public chain of stores
  • wholesale through Westnet Distribution, which is specialised in the distribution of IT and high-tech products
  • industrial production of energy products and systems, with SUNLIGHT SYSTEMS and SUNLIGHT Recycling
  • telecommunications through the PLAY mobile telephony company in Poland


For more information please contact:

Ms. Anthe Trokoudi, Communication Manager of the Olympia Group, tel. 210-8181580, 6932 100053, email:

and Kallia Mylonaki, V+O, tel. 211 7501231, email: