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New era for SoftOne, a new era for the market of business software

June 11, 2019

SoftOne transforms into a strong corporate structure with three brands and creates the largest business software company in the Greek market

SoftOne, a member of the Olympia Group of Companies, launched today a new era, introducing its transformation into the largest business software company in the Greek market, as well as its strongest position in the business software market of South East Europe.

With the completion of a series of strategic investment moves, including the acquisition of UNISOFT and PROSVASIS, SoftOne is transformed into a powerful group of business software companies with a total turnover expected to exceed 20 million at the end of the year 2019.

The SoftOne Group now includes three leading brands (SoftOne, UNISOFT and PROSVASIS) and more than 300 employees, and has an expanded network of more than 600 partners, effectively serving an ever growing 47,000+ customer base in 4 countries (Greece, Cyprus , Bulgaria and Romania). By exploiting the strong synergies created, the new scheme greatly expands the SoftOne product portfolio and offers value-added solutions to every modern enterprise.

Specifically, with the acquisition of Prosvasis, which specializes in the provision of software solutions and training services for accounting and taxing offices, SoftOne Group further strengthens its leading position in the Greek business software and cloud services market, accelerating its penetration into the accounting and taxing offices. Prosvasis was founded in 2005 and has achieved, through a multi-level activity in the Greek market, to acquire an expanded clientele of more than 4,500 accounting offices.

At the same time, with the acquisition of UNISOFT, one of the leading business software vendors in Greece, with activity directly complementary to that of SoftOne, the Group strengthens its leading position in software and industry applications for commercial, industrial and service companies. UNISOFT, with more than 30 years of presence and a very wide customer base, has developed top applications such as ERP Capital, the most successful computerized solution in the Greek market with more than 20,000 implementations.

Commenting on the new era in which SoftOne enters, CEO Antonis Kyriazis said: “At the backdrop of our multi-year and successful business, we have implemented an ambitious investment plan that brought under the roof of SoftOne two of the most recognized providers of business software, which perfectly complement our products and services. The SoftOne Group, presents a diversified value proposition in all market segments driving digital transformation, by being the ideal partner for any modern business. By consistently implementing our strategy, we are taking steady steps to achieve our goal: to introduce SoftOne into one of the leading business software development companies in the wider South East market. “