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Olympia Group: Investing in Sleed, one of the most dynamic tech & digital agencies in Southeastern Europe

November 9, 2023

Strategic investment in the rapidly growing market of e-Commerce, Technology & Digital Marketing, providing end-to-end solutions that contribute to the growth of every enterprise.

The Olympia Group, through its PCP investment arm, announces its new investment in the Technology, Digital Marketing, Content & Data sector, supporting the plan for the strong and profitable growth of Sleed, one of the largest independent tech & digital agencies in Southeastern Europe.

Through its strategic investment in Sleed, the Olympia Group is expanding major synergies for the whole ecosystem (B2B & B2C) and enhancing Sleed’s multidimensional work, which promotes new technologies and digitalisation tools that help enterprises grow.

With the support of the Olympia Group, Sleed will continue to develop its talented team and offer innovative, high-quality services, including a wide range of digital marketing, web development, content creation and data analysis services, strengthening its competitive position.