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Olympia Group welcomes consortium led by ERP software industry veteran Franck Cohen as new investors in SoftOne to drive its future growth

October 14, 2021

Consortium to acquire a 45% stake in SoftOne in order to accelerate the software company’s expansion in Greece and international markets

Olympia Group welcomes Franck Cohen and Markos Veremis as new board members of SoftOne, who will backed by a long-term European investment holding to acquire a significant minority interest in the company.

The agreement aligns with Olympia’s investment strategy, which focuses on the creation of long-term value by driving the growth of its portfolio companies, propelling them to become leaders in their respective sectors. Moreover, the agreement is another example that highlights Olympia’s role in promoting Greece as an attractive destination for foreign investors. With a successful track record of business building, M&As and investment partnerships, Olympia attracts leading strategic and financial investors in joint investments that create strong prospects for shareholders and investee companies.

The consortium recognized SoftOne’s dynamic growth, know-how and success as the preferred enterprise software solutions provider of leading businesses, with the consortium investment bringing new momentum to SoftOne and further capacity to work with Olympia and Antonis Kyriazis on accelerating its expansion plan and strengthening its position in strategic international markets through organic growth and selective acquisitions.

Franck Cohen stated: “SoftOne is considered by many to be a market leader in the Greek ERP space, and we believe that the company has significant untapped potential. The ERP market continues to see strong growth globally, driven by a need for operational efficiency and transparency, coupled with increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions. We believe that SoftOne’s flexible, innovative and high-quality products make it well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities, and we are pleased to become an investment partner alongside Olympia as the company enters its next stage of growth.”

John Karagiannis, Executive Chairman of the BoD of Olympia Group, stated: “We welcome the consortium as a reference shareholder in SoftOne, a Greek-born leader in enterprise software, with a long history of success and significant prospects. We are very optimistic about this partnership, as Olympia and the new group share the same vision – to invest in companies that focus on innovation, driving them to become sector leaders. This agreement will allow SoftOne to accelerate its growth plan and is another example of Olympia’s success in delivering co-investments with leading investment partners.”