Our People around the World

Our teams are supported with the same strong support, engagement programmes, and world-class learning opportunities wherever they are in the world

Our People around the world

Olympia Group is an International Investment Group operating in 8 countries. Our core team works in the three international offices of Athens, Greece; Limassol, Cyprus; Zug, Switzerland. Within our subsidiaries we also have teams in Italy, US, Bulgaria, and Romania. Despite our global spread, our team are supported with the same strong support, engagement programmes, and world-class learning opportunities wherever they are in the world.

“In my job I am constantly confronted with challenging and new tasks. At the same time I am surrounded by highly competent executives providing guidance and valuable insights. Through the combination of my complex assignments and very supportive leadership I am becoming increasingly competent and self-reliant in both a professional and personal level”.

Aurelio Mauchle

Junior Financial Analyst
Olympia Group Switzerland

“I enjoy being part of a team that is synonymous with seriousness, reliability and quality whilst also being very attentive to customer needs in all its forms. I try to do my job as if I am the company owner”.

Domenico Basta

Assembly Operator
Sunlight Italy

“I am really passionate about inspiring and mobilizing my colleagues through internal communication and by contributing to improved productivity. Initiatives such as: the “Cooking Challenge”, “Family Days”, the “Idea Management Scheme” and many more, revitalize employee engagement and build a happier workforce within Olympia Group”.

Christina Gliati

Internal Comms Executive
Olympia Group Greece

‘My position gives me the opportunity to work on multiple, interesting projects covering a range of legal topics.’

Kristia Michaelidou

Legal Counsel
Olympia Group Cyprus

“I love what technology does for people and businesses. I admire the beauty of it and what it creates: more time and energy for us to focus on the things that matter most to us. What I love most though is the unlimited power that Softone solutions offer to businesses all around the world by offering the possibility to achieve more whilst doing less. It allows companies to grow in a healthy and organic way with the minimum amount of effort required. I constantly check the turnover and profit numbers of my clients and whenever I see an improvement, I smile knowing that SoftOne is a part of it”.

Alexandra Lucescu

Commercial Director
SoftOne Romania

“One of the things that my job at Media Markt has taught me is that with the right service, needs investigation and reliability you build a strong and trustful relationship with your customer”.

Kostas Kavouras

Sales Consultant
Media Markt Greece, PMM

“SoftOne gives me the opportunity to work with very senior, experienced professionals. It also allows me to get acquainted with the most advanced modern technologies and platforms and to see just how our customers benefit from using Softone ERP and Softone ecosystem”.

Nasko Georgiev

Technical Director
SoftOne Bulgaria

“I love the awesome and talented people I work with and the everyday challenges I face and overcome”.

Andri Kyriakou

Human Resources Supervisor
Public Cyprus, PMM

“What drives me is working with great and inspiring people – being a part of something big that makes a difference”.

Roi Eleftheriadou

Group Product Manager
Westnet Greece

“I’ve spent my career in the Lead-Acid battery industry in the United States. Over the years, the motive power manufacturers in the United States have contracted and left their dealers with very few new products and opportunities. When I saw the business model Sunlight Batteries was proposing for the North American market I knew it would have a major impact on the industry and I am very excited to be part of the team that will make it happen.”

Jeff Peacock

Master Planner
Sunlight USA

“I feel that our work in the accounting department ensures the achievement of the company’s strategic targets, by providing business stakeholders with accurate and timely information”.

Petros Drivakos

Accounting Supervisor
Westnet Greece