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Public: Hiring 57 new people during the first two months of 2017

February 7, 2017

Public, the largest Greek retail chain of technology and entertainment products continues its course of growth and development. In this context, the Company hired recently 57 new people in order to cover its needs with regard to the existing network of stores across Greece as well as with regard to its headquarters. The new additions in human resources are implemented in a period when the unemployment statistics in Greece remain very high especially as far as the younger people are concerned.

The new additions in personnel have been already completed and are aligned with the Company’s strategic plan calling for the further expansion of its market share in Greece, the strong focus toward the highest level of customer service as well as the development and training of the Company’s employees.

The specializations of the Company’s new employees concern the full spectrum of its activities, such as the sales of technology and culture products, the e-commerce division, the technical service division, the customer service call center as well as the area of the Company’s employee training.

Since its first day of activities, the Greek company Public has been steadily supporting the cause for employment in the economy by offering to young people new job opportunities, strong motivation and support concerning their professional development.

It is worth noting that from the year 2012 until today, and during an especially tough economic period for the country when the gross domestic product (GDP) contracted by 30% and with the unemployment rate of young people to remain, even today, at a rising course, Public has increased its human resources by a percentage rate of 60%.

By continuing its strategic development plan, over the coming months, the Greek company Public is going to announce new job positions which are expected to cover its needs for the expansion of its network of stores.