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Public Stores innovate by facilitating transactions via the service MobilePayments!

July 5, 2017

Public, the largest Greek retail network of technology and entertainment products with 54 stores in Greece and Cyprus, innovate for one more time by introducing into their stores the new service MobilePayments. In their constant effort to upgrade and also boost the experience of their customers, Public Stores expand the application of a solution in their stores for the completion of transactions with the simultaneous issuance of the sale receipt and without the customer having to go through the cashier.

This pioneering service, introduced by Public Stores, is provided through the platform MobileSalesAssistant which has been utilized by the sales people of Public Stores for two years now and has been developed by the company’s internal team. With the upgrading of the platform, the consumer is in position to complete the transaction at the point where he/she is located at any given moment by only using his/her credit/debit card. The service MobilePayments is available until today in 7 stores in Attiki (ΤheMallAthens, GoldenHall, Kolonaki, Syntagma, Glyfada, Piraeus, Agios Dimitrios) and will be soon extended to additional Public stores all over Greece.

The service MobilePayments facilitates the concept of “portable transactions” carried out in various service spots within the stores. By this way the servicing of visitors at Public Stores is performed with greater easiness and speed, as the staff of Public Stores’ team can now be closer to the visitors, help them during their purchases and carry out the transactions from the very start until their completion, with the issuance of a sale receipt at any service spot. At the same time, the service facilitates the issuance of a return card as well as the acceptance of the Public loyalty card.   

The Chief Executive Officer of Public Stores network, Christos Kalogerakis, noted the following: “For one more time, the team of Public Stores thanks to its specialization, experience and “mobile first” philosophy is becoming a pioneer through an innovative service, such as MobilePayments, by following the model of other companies abroad, with the aim to more effectively service and facilitate our customers.”

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