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Recognition of Sunlight at HR Awards

December 19, 2016

SUNLIGHT Group, member of Olympia Group belonging to the interests of Panos Germanos, was awarded the BRONZE Prize for the category “Best Change Management Strategy / Initiative” during the event HR Awards that took place on Wednesday 14 December at the Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel.

The recognition of the Company in this very important event rewards the program of change that took place in the Corporate Culture of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, its subsidiaries and SUNLIGHT Recycling, via the application of a “High Involvement Organization” model, which constitutes integral part of the Company’s strategy. The implementation of the program concerning the change of Corporate Culture has already delivered concrete results, leading to significant improvements in the desired skills of the employees and to their higher participation in the programs of the Company. At the same time, the wider sense of ethics and credibility which was cultivated to all stakeholders was in turn reflected in the market as it was demonstrated by the improved performance in the customer satisfaction rates.

The award was collected by Konstantinos Georgiadis, Group HR Director of SUNLIGHT, who stated the following: “It is with great pleasure that I receive this award on behalf of SUNLIGHT, member of Panos Germanos Group of Companies. Through the application of a “High Involvement Organization” model we redefined our corporate culture as the cornerstone of strategic change. The year we leave behind constituted one the best periods in our history. We managed to significantly increase our sales in the international markets but on the other hand, we continue to maintain our entire production capacity in Greece, in a period with a high de-industrialization rate in the country. We constantly develop our unit in Xanthi, which is the 2nd largest production plant of its kind in Europe, whereas we created 130 new jobs only for 2016. We wish to thank the organizers of the event and we devote this prize to our 750 SUNLIGHT employees!”