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February 24, 2017

The company GRIVAS Publications, which is the largest publishing house of foreign language based books in the Greek market, selected the ERP solution of SoftOne (member of Olympia Group of Companies) in the context of the modernization of its information technology systems.

The application of the Soft1 ERP solution will assist the transition of GRIVAS Publications’ systems into a modern software platform, which supports the entire spectrum of the company’s activities and efficiently satisfies the constantly increasing operational requirements and needs in view of the high growth course of the company.

The utilization of the software’s features Production and Financial Management will assist GRIVAS Publications to standardize all phases of production, thus boosting the accuracy of the cost calculation process through the segregation of expenses into predefined cost centers. Furthermore, by incorporating the advanced tools of Commercial Operations and CRM, the Soft1 ERP solution responds fully to the need of monitoring the exhibitions’ participation expenses on analytical basis, allowing at the same time the company to determine the most appropriate pricing policies with regard to the separate distribution channels for its products.

With the advanced solutions of enterprise mobility of SoftOne, GRIVAS Publications will further improve and optimize its relation management procedures with regard to distribution channels, therefore providing its sales people with safe access to corporate data, at the precise time they need these data, through a mobile handset.

The real time interconnection of Soft1 with the company’s e-shop will facilitate the smooth update of both the content and the inventories of the e-shop, therefore further strengthening the company’s online sales.

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