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Soft1 Series 5: A digital transformation platform with an impressive adoption rate

July 12, 2018

SoftOne Technologies (member of Olympia Group of companies) is pleased to announce that Soft1 Series 5 has recorded an impressive adoption rate in less than 6 months from its official release date.

Soft1 Series 5 is currently running on more than 30 percent of all Soft1 installations – meaning that 1/3 of the company’s growing customer base has already upgraded its software edition to a new, intelligent system that provides businesses with substantial benefits and competitive advantages.

Featuring enhanced cloud technologies and powerful enterprise mobility options, Soft1 Series 5 brings a new era in the Greek ERP market, enabling today businesses to start their digital transformation. The awarded software solution offers an unprecedented user experience that augments human effectiveness, utilizing intelligent automation, AI, machine learning and other innovative process automation technologies.

Moreover, Soft1 Series 5 empowers companies and extends their business opportunities as it supports the seamless collaboration with any third-party software, including e-banking systems, application and B2B platforms.