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SoftOne has been certified as an E-Invoicing Service Provider by the IAPR

August 3, 2020

SoftOne, a member of the Olympia Group of Companies, is among the first software companies to be officially certified by Greece’s tax authority, the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR), as an E-Invoicing Service Provider, receiving a licence for the electronic transmission of any type of transaction documents: Β2Β, Β2C and Β2G.

Investing steadily, since 2013, in the development of electronic invoicing solutions, SoftOne has fully aligned its EINVOICING cloud service with the specifications of the IAPR for issuing and authentication of wholesale and retail sales records through licensed electronic invoicing service providers.

Utilizing SoftOne’s expertise in providing cloud solutions as well as cutting-edge technologies, the EINVOICING service guarantees the online transmission of any issued invoice to both clients and IAPR, directly from any business software or billing application available in the market. Wholesale invoices, retail receipts without the use of tax mechanisms (ETRMs), e-shop (B2B and B2C) electronic transaction receipts – all, with a click of a button!

EINVOICING easily integrates with the issuer’s existing ERP system and the myDATA platform, thus it enables the sending of certified electronic invoices/receipts to customers in real-time, while ensuring full compliance with the IAPR requirement for the e-books’ data transmission.

Detailed information on SoftOne’s EINVOICING cloud service and the digital transmission of fiscal data to IAPR through licensed E-invoicing Service Providers, is available on SoftOne’s new website: