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Strong growth continues in 2017 for Play in Poland and holder of 1st place in the market

April 18, 2018

In 2017, Play, a member of the Olympia Group, further increased its market share to 28.8%, with additional strengthening of revenues and EBITDA, and is now the No. 1 telephony company, with 15.2 million subscribers in the Polish market.

Key points for 2017: 

  • Market share increased to 28.8% (+2.5pp YoY), which represents 15.2 million subscribers, while share of contract subscribers increased to 62.0%, as compared to 58.0% in 2016.
  • Further roll-out of 4G LTE network increased population coverage to 93.4% (+1.3pp YoY), and the 4G LTE Ultra network increased population coverage to 80.7% (+1.9pp YoY) as of 31 December 2017.
  • Increased operating revenues, which came to €1,599m (PLN 6.670m) (+9.0% as compared to 2016).
  • Stronger revenues and EBITDA as a result of the increase in the contract subscriber base and average (blended) revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Adjusted EBITDA came to €550.96m (2.298m PLN), for an increase on the order of 12.9% over 2016.

The mobile telephony company PLAY, a subsidiary of the Olympia Group, delivered strong operational and financial results for the 2017 financial year. The high value-added services it offers to consumers, in combination with its commercial policy, led to an increase in its subscriber base to 15.2m, which resulted in an increase in operational revenues, which came to €1,599m (PLN 6.670m), an increase of 9.0% over 2016. This increase translated, in turn, into adjusted EBITDA of €550.96m (2.298m PLN), for a 12.9% increase over 2016. Play is now the No. 1 mobile telephony company in the Polish market in terms of shares.

The company is continuing the strategic roll-out of its network on a national level, while the population coverage of its 4G network came to 93.4%, with its 4G LTE Ultra network coverage at 80.70%. The total coverage of the network, including national roaming, comes to over 99% of the population. The recent “Roam Like At Home” European regulation impacted EBITDA in the second half of the year, given the reduced revenues from international roaming and, in parallel, increased costs.

Mr. Ioannis Karagiannis, Chairman of Play and Executive Chairman of the Olympia Group, stated the following: “2017 was an exceptional year for PLAY. The overall trading performance and strong increase of the Group’s key metrics were consistent with the projections we outlined in the initial public offering (IPO).  In 2017, PLAY achieved impressive growth of adjusted EBITDA – 12.9% year-on-year – while a further increase was achieved in our customer base, to 15.2 million. The company’s goal is to maintain the nominal value of dividend payout at the same levels as 2017 in the next year.”

2017 was a milestone year for PLAY, as it was listed on the Warsaw stock exchange, carrying out the largest public offering the country has ever seen from a private company.