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SUNLIGHT was awarded an important distinction in the category “Above & Beyond” from the internationally recognized Hyster-Yale Group

May 15, 2019

SUNLIGHT, member of Olympia Group, gained one more distinction for 2018 in the context of the awards granted every year by Hyster-Yale Group towards the latter’s suppliers. Hyster-Yale Group is one of the largest manufacturers of lift trucks, machinery and after-market parts globally, under the trademarks Hyster® and Yale®.

More specifically, SUNLIGHT having built a relation of high credibility with the international Group Hyster-Yale since the year 2012 was awarded in the category “Above & Beyond”. The particular category aims to demonstrate the supplier that has proven in practice an ability of offering to clients innovative solutions that exceed their expectations.

Hyster-Yale Group is the 5th largest manufacturer of lift trucks globally, with an annual turnover of $3.2 billion. It develops relations and collaborates with customers, suppliers and representatives for over 80 years, in the field of design, manufacturing and sale of a series of lift trucks, machinery and after-market parts on global scale under the trademarks Hyster® and Yale®. In this context of operations, Hyster–Yale Group awards every year its suppliers presenting the ones who are the most distinguished as well as capable of fulfilling a series of strict criteria such as quality, timing and accuracy in delivery, competitiveness, product development and technical support.

The long-term partnership between SUNIGHT and Hyster-Yale Group (HYG) includes the sale of a wide spectrum of mobility batteries and their after-sales parts for the Electric Vehicles of Industrial Use of HYG in the production plants and to its customers in over 55 countries. The result of this long-term relation is this year’s distinction for SUNLIGHT as an Above & Beyond Supplier that offers to Hyster-Yale both services and market solutions that are above the market standards.

These distinctions confirm the commitment of SUNLIGHT to operate according to high standard customer requirements and particularly according to the high standards of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). With a constant objective to further develop its already significant presence, the Company remains committed towards offering and distributing innovative products and solutions of high quality standards which in turn provide added value to its customers.