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Sunlight Group implements tree-planting activities in areas it operates

March 24, 2022

In light of the International Day of Forests (21/3), Sunlight Group announces the implementation of tree planting and environmental education programs, in collaboration with “We4all” 

24 March 2022 – Sunlight Group Energy Storage Systems (Sunlight Group), in collaboration with the Non-Profit Environmental Organization “We4all,” implemented a series of tree planting, awareness and environmental education programs at schools in Xanthi, Rodopi and Attica – areas in Greece where the company operates facilities. These activities are part of Sunlight’s “Green Mission” initiative, launched on World Environment Day in 2021 and reflecting its commitment to offer two seedling trees for every ton of batteries recycled in its dedicated recycling unit in the context of the initiative.

Sunlight Group focuses on sustainability and the protection of the environment, supports relevant educational initiatives, and contributes to raising awareness among the younger generation. Within this context, the company participates as “Earth Protector” at the We4all Environmental Allianceoffering more than 2,000 seedlings for planting. The young trees belong to endemic species (cypresses, acacias, locusts, Judas trees, laurels, etc.) that are expected to annually absorb ca. 44,000 kg of carbon dioxide and return about 234,000 kg of oxygen to the environment. The 2,000 trees are equivalent to the 1,000 tons of lead-acid batteries processed in Sunlight’s Recycling unit in Komotini, during the implementation of the Green Mission initiative.

More than 250 participants planted 400 seedlings in Xanthi and Rodopi, and 1,000 in Attica. The trees were planted by “We4all” volunteers and associates, and the planting activities were combined with environmental education school programs, reinforcing the strong bonds between Sunlight Group and the local communities in which the company operates. Participating schools were Xanthi’s 10th Primary, Komotini’s 3rd, 5th, 6th and 10th Primaries, and the 8th Primary School of Palaio Faliro. The remaining 600 trees donated by Sunlight were planted in other “We4all” initiatives.

Commenting on the implementation of the initiative, Sunlight Group’s Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Manager, Ms. Katerina Mouzouraki, stated: “As one of the leading technology companies that specializes in integrated and innovative energy storage solutions, at Sunlight we support activities shaping a more sustainable future. Our business model operates with respect to the environment, actively supports energy transition, and is based on the principles of circular economy. With our innovative products and actions we contribute to sustainability, we support the local communities in which we operate, and we implement initiatives aiming to address global challenges – such as climate change.”