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SUNLIGHT: New organizational structure aiming at international growth in the area of lithium technology batteries

October 8, 2019

Olympia Group announces that Mr. Vasilis Billis is leaving SUNLIGHT following 6.5 successful years as Chief Executive Officer of the company. At the same time, he remains in the Olympia Group as member of the Board of Directors of Play company. The Board of Directors of SUNLIGHT expresses its warmest gratitude to Vasilis Billis for his contribution and efforts so far.

Robby Bourlas, Chief Executive Officer of Olympia and member of the BoD of SUNLIGHT assumes during this transitional period the position of Chief Executive Officer at SUNLIGHT.

At the same time the company proceeds to structural changes concerning its organization, as well as the organization of its production with the objective to focus on its strategic priority relating to the ever growing technologies of lithium batteries, targeting a leading position on a global scale.

Towards this objective, Mr. Foad Derisavi joins the SUNLIGHT management team and assumes the duties of Production and Development of Lithium Products and Advanced Technologies. Mr. Derisavi possesses long experience in the international recognized company ATLAS Elektronik in the field of technology development for lithium batteries. Under his new role and capacity, Mr. Derisavi will help SUNLIGHT to further expand in the market of Lithium batteries for industrial use in the international markets.

Mr. Kopolas by continuing in his role as Head of the Recycling Division, assumes also the duties of Business Development for Lithium battery applications, aiming to further expand the prospects of SUNLIGHT via partnerships on global scale.

The management team of SUNLIGHT also welcomes Mr. Vassilis Gavroglou who will take on the role of Human Resources Director – as of November 1st– for the entire SUNLIGHT Group. At the same time, Mr. Gavroglou will undertake the duties of Human Resources Director in the company Olympia. Mr. Gavroglou possesses significant experience in the field of human resources management having assumed high-ranking positions in HTO (OTE) and National Bank.

Sunlight has already entered dynamically into the year 2019 with the production plant in Xanthi having increased its production capacity to 2.8 million battery units and with its new facilities having incorporated the best practices in terms of operations, hygiene and security at international level.

The upgrade of its organizational structure will allow the company to further strengthen its competitiveness in the international marketplace and grow dynamically in the field of lithium battery technology. Having the best team, the most advanced production plants of recycling and assembling in Greece and in Italy, SUNLIGHT will enter into a new era of dynamic growth globally.