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SUNLIGHT Recycling S.A.: The most modern Lead Battery recycling plant in Europe starts its operation in Komotini

August 3, 2016

An investment of more than €31m by Panos Germanos for setting up a technologically and environmentally state-of-the-art factory unit in the region of Komotini

  • “Entrepreneurship and innovation injection” in the deindustrialized region of Thrace
  • The most modern lead-acid battery recycling approach in Europe
  • Recycling capacity of 25,000 tons of used batteries per year
  • Creation of 50 new jobs in the border area of Komotini
  • Decrease in €40m worth of foreign exchange outflow from the country per year
  • Zero discharge of liquid toxic waste and gaseous pollutants

Against the “deindustrialization” of the country, SUNLIGHT Recycling, owned by Panos Germanos, starts its operation after the completion of the most modern lead-acid battery recycling plant in Europe, an investment of over €31m in total for the initial stage of its operation.

The new factory unit, deployed in an area of 42 square kilometers in the Industrial Area of Komotini, constitutes a business evolution of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A., generating value for the company, the domestic economy and the environment.

With a recycling capacity of 25,000 tons of used batteries per year, SUNLIGHT Recycling presents the first comprehensive lead-acid battery recycling approach in Greece, by utilizing the most modern plant in Europe in technological and environmental terms. More specifically, what is achieved through the new unit is the collection of used lead batteries, the recycling thereof based on international quality standards and the future exploitation thereof by SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT for the manufacture of new batteries in Greece.

For the purpose of implementing the new unit, SUNLIGHT Recycling concluded a strategic partnership with the company Engitec, which constitutes a worldwide leader in the construction of lead-acid battery recycling plants. This partnership ensures unrivaled quality both in the design of the unit and the construction of the equipment and in the products taken therefrom. By using top know-how, the factory’s production procedure has been formed appropriately, ensuring top environmental performance. More specifically:

  • Zero discharge of liquid waste into the environment through full recycling within the factory
  • Zero liquid toxic waste
  • Zero air pollutants
  • Application of best international techniques aiming at the maximum containment of solid waste (slag)
  • Drastic reduction in lead emissions and retrieval of metallic items through the installation of the latest anti-pollution technology (dedusting)

The new investment of SUNLIGHT in the recycling sector plays a determinative role in the achievement of the specific environmental goals of Greece and strengthens the domestic value added. At the same time, it strengthens the competitiveness of SUNLIGHT -through the vertical integration of its production- and it significantly reduces the quantity of lead imported by Greece, thus reducing the annual foreign exchange outflow by €40m.

In addition, the operation of the new unit will enhance the development of the wider region of Komotini, which has suffered a lot lately from intense deindustrialization. With the opening of the new factory by SUNLIGHT Recycling, jobs are created for 50 families in a region with a high unemployment rate.

The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Vasilis Billis stated: “SUNLIGHT Recycling constitutes a standard Greek model of combining entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Through SUNLIGHT Recycling we become even more competitive in the international market, basing our development path on more solid foundations. The new unit constitutes an essential investment with multiple benefits for the whole country, both at an economic and at an environmental level, while it is fully in line with the company’s vision “We invest in Greece, We export worldwide!”.