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SVUUM– A new Investment in Last Mile by Olympia Group

February 22, 2023

Olympia Group of Companies  today announced a new investment in eCommerce & eGrocery last mile, more specifically in SVUUM Greece, supporting the company’s plan to become established as the most customer-centric and innovative “Hand to Hand Delivery” service in Greece. The investment is executed by investment arm Public Capital Partners, through a convertible bond,  as part of the company’s strategy to support fast-growing scaleups in retailtech and logistics.

Recognizing the increasing need consumers have for reliable delivery services, SVUUM delivers top-rated customer experience, by leveraging a global tech platform, combined with a privately owned network in 10 large urban centres, thus ensuring 75% population coverage and 95% reliability in same day or next day deliveries. The company’s innovative services stand out for empowering end-customers to monitor and manage the specific order delivery slot that suits their lifestyle, while they are also able to activate notifications and to contact drivers directly.

It is another important investment by Olympia towards shaping a new era in electronic purchases and last mile delivery, through a reliable and quality solution available to consumers.

Established in 2021, SVUUM differentiates as the most customer-centric and innovative eCommerce and last mile company in Greece, with an average customer rating of 4.8/5 in a total of 1,5 million deliveries processed to date. The company supports 150 of the largest eCommerce merchants and 6 of the largest supermarkets operating in Greece, ensuring reliable order deliveries even on Saturdays, while it constantly develops new services, focusing on effective route management to reduce its environmental footprint.